Munk Family farms is the new name for Kendlith Munk Farms.
We are located in Amalga Utah, over looking the Bear River and the Wellsville Mountain Range.
We are just moving into the 4th generation of farming. Cyril Munk started his farm in Benson years ago. Kendlith Munk his son kept the farm going. He built a dairy Barn in Amalga, just over the river from where his fathers place was. Kens two sons Shane and Sid both stayed on the farm and continued to make improvements.
In 2010 we started to build a new 40 cow rotary dairy. In the summer of 2011 we started milking in there new barn. It has been a wonderful improvement. Now the next generation has more opportunity's in the Dairy industry.
Shane and his wife Tammy have two daughters, Shanna and Kristol and one son Jason. Jason graduated from USU in Dairy sciences and the Herdsman program. He is staying on the farm with his wife Kylee.
Sid and his wife Kathryn have 4 sons. Braden is the oldest. He also graduated from USU in Dairy, and the Heardsman program he is staying on the farm with his wife Tiffany. Sids other sons are, Shayln and his wife Elise, Jaron and his wife Whittney. They both live in Washington State. Sids other son Landon and his wife Brittany, are in St George. They all like to help on the farm when they are here.
We are so happy to have such wonderful opportunities for the next generation.
If you would like a tour of Munk Family Farms please call 435-563-5200

Munk Family Farms

Munk Family Farms
This picture was taken in the fall of 2010. In the middle of the farm you can see the old milking barn on the right and the new milking barn still under construction on the left.

Munk family

Munk family

Our old barn

Our old barn
Its so refreshing after a good rain

One of our Pastures

One of our Pastures

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farm Field Days 2013

On May 8th 450 2nd graders from the north end of Cache Valley came to visit our farm for farm field days.

They learned about tractors and haw to stay safe when they are around them.

Jaron taught them about the milking barn

They had treats and watched a movie about a day on the farm.

Shane took them on a hay ride around the farm and they were able to see the cows up close.

They learned about feeding the cows.

They made living necklaces.

Jason teaches them about the equipment

They loved the treats.

Gossner's donated there wonderful flavored milk.

The Farm Bureau had beef jerky, gold fish, fruit snacks and cheese sticks to go with the milk.

They children played games while waiting for the hay ride.

Volunteers from Sky View FFA handed out treats and took the classes to each station.

Farm Bureau also taught them about calves, and how we care for the babies.

The Cache valley Dairy princesses taught about dairy products.
We also had a small rain storm roll through, but is did not stop the fun.

The farm Bureau taught about Pork products